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We want to see who can make the biggest, baddest computer.

Basically the super-uber-ultimate-computer-to-end-all-computers. This is not a contest where you win something, besides respect, so you are only submitting specs to show off your desire to build the best computer you can.
The specs submitted will not be used by this company to build or offer the computer for sale. This is completely for the entertainment of this company, it"s customers, and whoever else visits this site.
Any judging will be done on the total system. If a system has a fast everything and a power supply that won't support the power requirements for it, the system may be put into low category. Systems that don"t comply with standard building practices, such as trying to put an Intel® processor on an AMD® board, will be automatically thrown into the "Nice Try" category.
Intense Computers

Official Rules:
1. The system may only be housed in a single enclosure, and must be a standard enclosure size, such as mid- or full-tower. The enclosure can be a rack xU style server but cannot be the rack itself, a server cabinet, or a modified refridgerator/freezer. The system must have an enclosure, and it must be completely enclosed in the enclosure, with the exception of this being cooling structures.
2. If actually assembled, the system must work, have compatable parts, and no extra pieces. Extraneous cables, screws, face plates, etc. are allowed, since that is normal, but no major pieces are to be allowed. This includes processors, hard drives, fans, memory, etc. Exception: you may use a different mouse/trackball if you don"t like the one supplied with certain wireless/wired keyboards.
3. There is no limit to the budget or power requirements.
4. You may not use the specs found on this or other sites. This system must be your own and may be subject to verification, if another party can provide proof to the contrary.
5. Submissions not adhereing to supplied rules may be discarded or demoted from otherwise well deserved standings.
6. The systems will be ranked in the boxes below in order that they were reviewed, and the order in which they appear will have no relevance on which system in a category is considered "better."
7. Only one system will be put into the End-All Ranking. This system may be ousted at any time by another submission.
8. These Rules are subject to become more well defined at any time, and are subject to the judgement of this company.
9. The rankings are the sole discresion of Intense Computers.
10. Submissions must be in a standard file format, such as Word, Excel, or plain text. All parts used should have the Full Description, Price, and Quantity. Links to confirm the $Description and Price is highly recommended, but not required. Any specific reasons for using parts is welcome, such as having 3 or more hard drives, one for the OS and the others in a RAID configuration.
11. All parts should be available on the market when the system is submitted.
12. All submissions listed on this page will be posted for viewing by visitors of this page.
13. All submissions need to be sent to
14. Have fun! People who angrily e-mail Intense Computers because of their standings will have the submission in question removed from this page.

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All computer systems are sold with only the component manufacturers
warrany and without customer support by Intense Computers.

Intense Computers currently ships only within the contiguous 48 states.

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