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You are here for one reason, to hear the story about what brought the founder of Intense Computers to bring it into existence. There are many reasons, but there is only one that matters.
Before this company existed, there were already many system builders, which include companies such as Dell, Gateway, HP, and Lenovo. They bought other companies to for several reasons, HP bought Compaq, Lenovo bought eMachines which used to be IBM, etc. Within this conglomeration of companies, only one was considered the "gamers" company, one that builds real gaming computers.
If you wanted a fast computer right out of the box, and have it look cool, you got it from one place. That was Alienware, at least until Dell bought them. Once that happened, I considered what would happen to Alienware, and it didn't seem too pretty.
What I have heard about this merger is that Alienware is still it's own entity and makes it's own decisions, but it has Dell's supply base to work with. This is supposed to make the computers even less expensive. So far this has worked out, but I can see a time in the near future where the penny-pinchers of Dell decide that Alienware has to conform more to what Dell already offers, because it'll cost less to produce the computers and make their company more money.
I decided that not only did people need to have a place they could count on to produce high-end computers, but they needed one that is going to stay on the leading edge of the market. People can still go to their nephews, neighbor kids, and "that nerd they know" to get a fast computer at a low price, but what happens when "that guy" is busy or doesn't know the best spot for computer equipment?
Because of my years of computer training, professional computer repair, price watching, and a pure "need for speed," I can almost guarantee I can out price a comparable system from any other system builder. I say "almost" because I know that the low end systems are already at rock bottom prices, and I know that there are people who will try to "beat the system" and look at other system bulilders.
What I am doing here is focusing on mid- to high-end systems, and not bothering to compete where I know I can't win. There are people out there, and you may be one of them, that will try to beat my price with another system builder. What many people in this group forget is that it's not always about price, it's about a truly comparable computer.
You can go to Dell's website and piece together a decent system for just over $1000, but even my basic gaming computer will out perform it in all areas. I have already compared my pricing and Dell's with systems of $1000, $1400, and $2000, and I can always include more and better components and software. In fact, it's not even a real comparison, since what I offer is way better.
All computer systems are sold with only the component manufacturers
warrany and without customer support by Intense Computers.

Intense Computers currently ships only within the contiguous 48 states.

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